Friday, July 24, 2015

So, What IS a Yarn Crawl?

Have you heard about the 2015 Yarn Crawl and wondered,
what in the world is this?
Do I have to crawl with my yarn?
Is this a new 10K organized to raise funds for injured knitters everywhere?

No.  The 2015 Chicago Yarn Crawl is just for you. 
If you google it this is what you'll find: 

August 1 - 9, 2015

Welcome to Chicago’s 6th annual yarn crawl taking place Saturday, August 1 through Sunday, August 9, 2015. We have 26 stores participating this year. Many of them have arranged fun events in conjunction with the crawl. Each store will have a raffle basket worth $100 to a lucky winner. There is also a discount for purchases along with a free exclusive store pattern. Stop in any of the participating stores to pick up your passport and get it stamped for a chance to win grand prize raffle baskets.

Share this with your friends and plan a fun outing to Chicago and its suburbs.

We are happy to be part of the Yarn Crawl again this year. 

One of the best parts for us, is meeting new knitters and introducing them to our Studio. 

We will have a gorgeous raffle basket,
discounts on purchases, and a new store pattern exclusive to Three Bags Full. 

Lynette has designed a beautiful cowl for our pattern this year. 

The participating stores are grouped by region, so you can hop in your convertible, top down, and cruise to shops that are in the same  areas.   

The Crawl starts in just one week. 
We hope you will enjoy it.

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