Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Youth of Today has Knitting Well In Hand

 Summer camp is in full swing at Three Bags Full. 
Lynette is teaching young folk our craft and they are catching on fast. 
Sophia, above, loves "the concept of knitting".  She is knitting squares for a baby blanket.  
 Addison says, simply, 
"I love it!" 
She is also working on a baby blanket. 
It is wonderful to see how young learners 
embrace knitting. 
 Now this young woman, may just knock your hand knit socks right off......
Demi is FINISHING a sweater. 
She discovered an unfinished sweater at a garage sale and is embracing the finishing techniques that some of us have never even tried. 
Demi and Penny are speaking the same knit language and we were all smiling.  Demi, you have inspired us all. 
If you were out of town during the Sidewalk Sale, it is not too late to find great deals inside the Studio.
We have  sale yarns on display. Get them while you can. 

This year's Yarn Crawl is right around the corner. 
We will participate again with our own, new, shop pattern and raffle prizes.  
Stay tuned for more about this years event. 

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