Monday, July 27, 2015

What's Happening at the Studio Today

A new shop knit is on the needles.  
We love when you ask us what WE are knitting. We hope we inspire you. 
This is the ZickZack Scarf Pattern.
Using two different skeins of Lange Yarns Mille Color baby, you get this amazing effect. 

Some have made it into a shawl by
using  bigger needles and adding on more stitch repeat. 
Anyway you knit it, it is tons of fun and easy to achieve this pretty result.

Carol was in on Monday afternoon, 
working on her Woodfords Wrap Cardigan. 

Carol was on the pick up portion and she is making it in blue. 
We can't wait to see the finish. 

Linda is always up to something fun. 
She made her own Phone cover monster.
She loves the book, FIFTY YARDS OF FUN by Rebecca Danger. 
Quick and Quirky this knit up is as much fun to use as it is to knit. 
Ask Linda about it!

We hope you are going to visit us during the Yarn Crawl,  August 1st through 9th.  
We have a new shop pattern designed by Lynette for all participants. 
Pick up your passport and enjoy. 

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