Sunday, April 19, 2015

One Step Forward.....

 We are putting our best foot forward for you this Spring and Summer. The Coco Knits knotted slipper is a class we are offering. 
This is not your grandmother's slipper. 
We can't teach the glass slipper class, but Cinderella could not have been as comfortable as you'll be in your knotted slippers. 
Everyone will want a pair.  Sign ups for classes are taking place now. 
 Are you ready to learn to knit socks?
Sock knitting is a world of it's own. 
Many of you know, I'm Kathy B from and this is my YEAR of socks. 
I love to knit socks and have for years. 

Turning a heel was on my personal bucket list years ago.
I took a sock class from Jan at Three Bags Full over ten years ago. Do you remember Jan? 
I still think of her when I turn a heel. 

Sock knitting is fairly independent. Once you have the basic construction down, you can knit up a pair with very little help.
There are sock patterns that range from basic to lace to fair isle.
Sock yarns vary in weight and wool composition, and in color ways that work up as if you were a genius. 

I encourage knitters to delve into sock knitting. 
Socks are my favorite thing to knit. 
There is no finishing work needed, 
they fit and they are very portable. 

If you are worried about knitting on 4 or 5 needles, 
we can get you over that hump. 
That's what our classes are all about. 
You are really only knitting on two needles while the others rest. 

Knitting is so good for our brains. 
Learning something new keeps us young and interested in our craft. 
Sign up for sock class. 
You will be dancing with joy, once you knit your first pair of socks. 

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