Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Learn to Knit.....

 This Friday is Knit Night. 
Do call us to let us know that you are coming. 
Lynette is always available to help with any knit or crochet questions. 

 Linda is teaching Nadine the Learn to Knit Blanket. 
Each square advances your knit skills.
Nadine has chosen Sheperd's Wool in Teal and Beige for her squares. 
She is working on her 4th square. 
They are big blocks so you can enjoy each pattern just enough before casting on for the next type of block. 
That's a sure way to keep your interest in a big project. 

Linda is creating squares from leftover sock yarns.
The pattern is the Barn Raising Quilt which is published in the book 
KNITALONG by Tabori and Chang. 
Linda is fond of using the photograph's color scheme.
She likes how it goes from dark on the left to lighter on the right in a steady eye pleasing way.  

We knew Linda was a smart lady, and why reinvent the wheel?
We learn so much from each other as we enjoy our craft and share ideas. 

That's what we are all about at Three Bags Full Knitting Studio. 

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