Saturday, April 25, 2015

Summer Storage for Your Winter Knits

We love to knit.  We put labor and love into our craft. 
So today's post is all about Storing your Winter wools, during the summer months. 
Taking good care of your hand knits will help them live a long and happy life. 

Rita Raggi, owner of Wilmette Tailors and Cleaners has the following tips just for our Blog: 

*"First of all, moths do not want to eat your fine wools, they want the spots left on your clothing, so be sure to launder or dry clean your garments before storing them .

*Always fold your knits, do not store them on hangers. 
The weight of the wool will PULL sweaters down in an unshapely fashion.  Hangers leave unwanted  'peaks' in the shoulder areas. 

*Store your folded items out of sunlight to prevent fading. 

*Mothballs are not necessary and the smell is difficult to remove. 
Use cedar blocks instead. 

*Do not store your knits in plastic, use tissue paper instead.

*Always clean matching or paired garments together in case of color change. 

*Steam your knits and never press with an iron. 

We have lovely liquid soaps to wash your knits in. 
They are kept at the check out counter.

Let's put those winter wools away and perhaps the Spring will finally arrive. 

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