Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Talk with Suzy and Kathy. Crochet is the Word of the Day!

Kathy is wearing her beautiful green crocheted top at work today.  She worked it up in Soft Linen. 

As you can see, 
 this is NOT your granny's crochet. 
Crochet is changing every day and Suzy is the one to teach you this craft. 

 She offers classes in both daytime and evening. 

Expanding your skill set will enhance your knitting in many ways. 
Learning to crochet for soft and lace like edging of your knitting, really makes for a
 fantastic finish. 

Suzy's favorite books highlighting new Fashionable crochet  apparel include :

*Kathy Merricks Crochet in Color.
(You can purchase it for just 4 dollars on amazon. )

The hottest technique in crochet is Tunisian Crochet. (or the afghan stitch) 
This is a very old technique turned new. 

Suzy likes :*  Get Hooked On Tunisian Crochet by Sherly Theis.  Tunisian crochet is 
worked on long needles with a crochet hook on the end. 

If you have been to the studio lately you have seen 
this lovely crocheted shawl.

Suzy used Kuani yarns, from Denmark to create the subtle 
changes in the main color. 

 If you need another good reason to learn to crochet....
Amigurumi is it! 
The Japanese have mastered the art and there are hundreds of darling patterns to inspire you.
Winter classes are just around the corner. 
Call us, talk to us about learning to crochet. 
We would be delighted to show you the way. 
(847) 291- 9933

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  1. So many lovely things - and definitely not "old fashioned"!! xx