Friday, October 24, 2014

More Knit Night Inspriation

 Faye is working on the Beehive Wrap with Rowan yarns. 
She's just cast on. 
Sometimes starting a new knit is the best part of the craft. 
Then again, sometimes finishing is!
 This is Ilene's wrap.  It is light as a feather.  Each row is made up of 270 stitches.  It is lovely Ilene.  Light yarns are certainly easier on the wrists and fingers....
Barbara is knitting a classic Feather and Fan pattern for her scarf.
She showed the lace pattern as it will appear once blocked.
Do you need help with lace?
We can help in any of our intermediate or advanced classes.
Learning to block is important if you want to enjoy the lace process.
If you would like help with learning to block, just mention it to our staff.  We can arrange to teach you. 

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