Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Knits At Three Bags Full Knitting Studio

Martha swears by the Knitter's Pride products in the Studio. 

 Their interchangeable factor is their selling point. 
You can slowly build your own collection without the initial expense of purchasing an entire set. 
Ask to see them and our staff will explain their wonderful ways. 

 Shelly was wearing her Crazy Skeins Cowl today. 
One of her students was knitting a hat with the same yarn. 
They both said it is fun to see what color comes up next as you knit with it. 

 Shelly was teaching a student a trick as her student finished the Guernsey wrap.  
She was running out of the yarn. 
Shelly says if you measure 3 times the length of a row of your work in yarn, it will work out to about one row of knitting. 
Measure and mark it with a tie and when you get there you know it is your last row. 


 Adrienne's  next Pendulum shawl is in these lovely colors. 
Have you ever seen her notepad organizer?
Ask to see it.  
You'll be impressed and you may just become as organized. 

 We have some exquisite Louisa Harding yarns for shawl and lace work.  We are offering a free pattern with purchase of the yarn. 
This beautiful yarn can be worked up in so many different shawls. 
 This darling little Baby sweater is a class. 
Have you decided on your next class? 
We guarantee you'll learn in our fun and structured environment. 

Finally, this lovely publication, CURLS would be a great addition to your library. 
Choose a wrap and we can teach you in a class offering for Intermediates.  
Both of the wraps below are patterns from the book. 

Happy Spring Knitting!

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