Friday, January 29, 2016

Time to Get Ready for More Classes!

 Dropping in on a Friday is always interesting at Three Bags Full.
Adrienne was "re" knitting her sock. 
Even the experts rework things.
In fact, sometimes we learn more in the process. 
Adrienne reinforced, with a thin thread, 
the areas of most wear. 
So many of us are knitting up socks right now.
Why not?  If you haven't delved into the land of socks, we encourage you to take the plunge. 
Worried about all those needles?
Think of it this way, you only knit on two needles at a time.
The others are just resting. 
Monday Morning Sock Class starts February 22nd if you missed our first offering in January! 

 All of this knitter's squares are finished for her family's blanket. 
She used Encore,  a Plymouth yarn that is washable. 
She needs to block the squares to the same size and then begin..the finishing. 

In the back classroom, Renee was working on her Malabrigo Rasta hat. 
This chunky weight knits up quickly and will keep you warm and stylish. 

 We always carry Eucalan for your knitting laundry. 
This mild scented wash will keep your treasures in top shape for many wears to come. 

Come in for a visit soon.
We usually have some deeply discounted yarn in the back hallway if you are looking for a great deal!

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