Saturday, November 21, 2015

Holidays Approaching

 If you want to knit an heirloom Christmas stocking, Nancy is our expert.  This darling little Fetch a Tree theme would be a delight for any fireplace mantel. 

If you celebrate Hanukkah, 
Ravelry is full of patterns like this one: 
by Jenny White
Why not knit a special one for the men and boys in your life? 

Earlier in the week Cecile was working on her granddaughter's top down, in the round, toddler sweater. 
Both Knitting Pure and Simple and Cabin Fever pattern companies carry top down patterns in many varieties.
We carry both. 

Come in anytime and play with our many skeins of yarn. 
Placing them together in pairs can be half the fun of starting something new.

While you are here, dont' forget to check the back for our sale yarns. 
We have discounted some great fibers.
You can save 30% or more on some wonderful yarns in the mix. 

Now that the snow is falling, aren't you glad you have this wonderful passion for knitting and crochet? 
We are. 

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