Friday, October 9, 2015

What's Going on At the Studio?

 There is so much happening at Three Bags this Fall. 
Checking in on Friday means Linda's classes are in full swing. 
They  laugh.
They laugh a lot. 
They knit too. 
Leave it to Linda to knit this Day of the Dead
creation by Alan Dart.
His whimsical patterns are fun from start to finish. 

While in Linda's class, Suzy is knitting aWoolfolk scarf pattern. 
It looks like double knitting but it isn't. 
If you love to slip stitch, this pattern is for you.
 Judy is taking a big step today.
Kathy is teaching her how to crochet.
Her yarn world just expanded exponentially.
Crochet is fun, fast and furious.
Kathy can help you start with confidence. 

Wonder what Lynette is knitting?
This Savory Knitting Plover Shawl is reversible.
Lynette is knitting it in her abundant free time. 
Ask to see it, she will be happy to show it to you. 

Shelley and friends were in the back room quietly working on their cowls.  Shelley is knitting with Asia in a dark lovely blue. 
Ask to see her lovely lace work.
She'll inspire you.

Remember October Knit Night is Friday the 16th
from 7 to 10 pm
Please call us to reserve your spot. 


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