Monday, June 22, 2015

Wise Words from Martha

 A word to the wise: we have Shibui sock yarn and 
Heichi discounted.
Both yarns are wonderful for socks, hats, and gloves. 

 Today, Martha was sitting in for Penny's class.
Martha is knitting Mascot in Claudia Addiction and Koigu. 

 Martha does some of our finishing work. 
I asked her for some tips for those of you who wish to do your own finishing. 
Martha says taking our finishing classes is a great first step.
She says that when you bring in a bag of pieces it takes far longer than if you bring in your attempt to finish and we nudge you along. 

Martha says it isn't as difficult as it seams...pun intended.
Some like to block before they finish, others prefer to finish before they block. 

If you are adding buttons to your work, Martha often uses thread.
When she is seaming, she uses yarn....always. 
Talk to Martha about finishing, she is a wealth of knowledge. 

One  of our customers, Karen, was working on the Lafayette tunic. 
Hers will be lighter than our model and just as lovely. 

We love to see your works in progress. 
Thanks for sharing, Karen and Martha. 

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