Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Knitting

 Let's talk Zara Yarns. 
Let's talk soft merino that is super wash!
Let's talk hats and mittens and baby blankets.....
We have many many colors of Zara yarn. 
It is a very reasonably priced yarn that is versatile and addictive. 
Sometimes the project chooses the yarn.....
sometimes the yarn chooses the project.  

  Seems we all need a little whimsy on these cold winter days.
This My Deer -a deer trophy is a fun free Ravelry pattern by Clair Garland. 
Wouldn't he look darling on your wall? 

Along with all of our fabulous skeins of yarn, do you know we have hundreds of buttons for sale? 
You can find a large variety near our bookshelves. 
Below the buttons are many wonderful patterns organized in our binders by category. 
Come in with a hot cup of tea and browse through our patterns in the binders. 
We have an entire binder devoted to charity knitting.
Included are patterns for Chemo caps, Project Linus blankets and Premie hats.   We are happy to share these with you and accept your knits for these organizations. 
Remember our next Knit Night is Friday 
January 23rd.  Call us and reserve your spot today! 
You are sure to be inspired by others, and we are sure to be happy to see you!

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