Thursday, December 4, 2014

Come In and Look Around

 Michelle Scheinkopf is knitting this soft as a cloud Shibui Mix top. 
She calls herself a newer knitter.  Michelle attends Penny's Monday Knit classes.  
  This beautiful top is being knitted for her daughter.  Michelle is learning how to increase  for this project.  
There is nothing like some hands on instruction as you face a new pattern or skill set.  Classes give you that extra guidance on a regular basis. 
Another Shibui favorite is this Multigrain Scarf.
This scarf was knit in soft grays.
It is an interesting mix of color blocks that creates an understated look.   

For those of you looking for a warm winter hat,
Stephen West has just the pattern.

 Sylvia knitted this hat in 4 hours.  
The pattern is called Windschief. 

 Have you picked up a skein of Blue Sky Alpaca lately?
The soft wisps of color are as delightful to touch as to behold.
We have Blue Sky Patterns in their smart, 
card sized packaging. 
What a perfect gift to give a knit friend. 

Come in and share what you are knitting or take a look at what goes on in our group classes. 
Remember we are open late on Thursdays until 7 p.m.
We'd love to see you...

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