Monday, October 6, 2014

Tops in the Shop!

 Ready to knit a little something for the holidays?
This Pearl Tee has a bit of glimmer in the yarn. 
Knitted in Flora on size 7 needles, it is part of the S. Chas Collection. 
Simply constructed and elegant in design, you'll be dressed for that party in no time. 
Rowan's Bute sweater is knitted up in Colourspun Felted Tweed.
This is an intermediate pattern with set in sleeves and a v neck. 
Elbow patches....optional. 
This traditional pattern is available in Magazine 52.
It uses 11 Balls of yarn. 
Just imagine yourself at the Corn Maze, in a comfortable pair of jeans, 
or at the Football game as the kids celebrate Homecoming.
This stunning sweater will be a favorite for years to come. 

Come on in to ThreeBagsFullKnittingStudio in Northbrook and try these masterpieces on. 
See you soon!

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