Saturday, October 18, 2014

Knit Night Wrap UP!

 We had a great time last night at Three Bags Full.

Amid our knitting, chatting,  and snacking, Lynette brought out two big bins of Pattern booklets for the taking. 

We huddled around the pattern goodness and shared our thoughts about many wonderful designs.
Many of the pattern books found new homes!

 The pretty purple Anzula yarn,  below,  is being crocheted for the Lara's wrap pattern.  It will be Rachel's gift to her 95 year old aunt. 

 Stephanie took Linda's bunny class.
In the spirit of Halloween, she had heads, bodies and legs on the work table last night.  These bunnies will be adorable gifts for the little ones in her life.  

Gift knitting was on many minds and needles last night.
Eve's Noro hat was just about finished. 
Her family is waiting on the hat.....we laughed about how our children think we can whip up their requests in no time! 

 Sheri and Jackie came to knit night. 
They are good pals. 
Jackie is busy knitting 4 scarves for her children for

 Sheri and Jackie knit together at ThreeBags on Mondays. 
Here is the first scarf Jackie is making. 
It is so soft and lovely. 

 These Snowy Day Guantlets are being worked up in Miss Babb's Yowza Yarn.  MaryBeth says they will have a long cuff. 
The pattern is Free on Ravelry. 

If you haven't come to knit night, 
you really should consider it. 
The studio is relaxed and the inspiration abounds. 

We will be showing more knit night faces and creations in our next post.  Stay tuned for Faye's Beehive Wrap and More!


  1. It looks as though you had lots of fun!! xx

  2. That was really fun, love all the result. Great job girls ! Keep it up.