Saturday, September 20, 2014

Knit Night Recap….

 Our Knit Night was a lovely gathering of people who love to knit and share their works in progress.  

Liz Pawlak was wearing her finished sweater:
The Coloratura Sweater pattern is from Ravelry: Chirs Bylsma's creation. 
Liz knitted hers up in Claudia's Handpaint for a beautiful finish. 
The pattern is designed to be knitted in strips that are then put together with silk for the seams.  
Liz does her own finishing. 
Isn't it lovely? 

Liz was at knit night with her friend Rachel. 
Rachel is knitting The Shell Stitch Tunic
using Jojoland's Melody. 
All the colors you see in the lace pattern are from one skein which does the color changes for you. 

The beautiful cabled fingerless glove will soon have a matching partner.   Sitting alone on the comfy couch, this knitter was focused and able to concentrate on her work without any interruption…besides me ! 

 Penny Benson was knitting a scarf in Ragazza by Llana Grossa.
She was thrilled to find this wool at the Sidewalk Sale for a dollar a skein.   The scarf is a gift for a friend in Nebraska…where they have already had snowflakes coming down….

Barbara was knitting a Prayer Shawl in the Bee Stitch 
for her sister.  This lovely textured pattern knits up beautifully in two colors. 
Barbara was working on her 5th Simply Silk Shell. 
She loves the pattern by Carol Scott. 
She loves purple too.  
Guess what? 
Lynnette and Jane Anderson were knitting the same Churchmouse Classic scarf/stole in Rowan's amazingly soft yarn.  
They placed them side by side and both were beautiful. 
They were practically at the same spot in their work, too. 
We all had oohs and ahhhs for them. 

This is just a snap shot of the knitting that was happening last night. 
It was a quiet, focused group with needles moving gracefully and  some lovely snacks and cookies for sustenance. 
Our next knit night is October 17th from 7 to 10 pm.
Please call to reserve your spot : 847-291-9933. 
We'd love to see you. 
Inspiration is all around on Knit Night. 

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