Friday, August 29, 2014

Keep Knitting: Studies Show it is Great for Your Mind

 Dr. Yonas Gedo from the Mayo Clinic says knitting and crocheting are neuro-protective crafts.  He says you can reduce memory loss by 50% by keeping those needles and hooks moving. 

These activities that we love,
can't find enough time for,
and don't need to be reminded to do,

*lower Blood pressure
*decrease symptoms of depression
*boost immunity. 

Knitting and crochet work more than just one area of your brain. 
They work our memory and our attention span.
Want to get lost in a new project?
September 3rd in the evening, our teachers will be on hand to show you their ideas for your fall knitting. 

Isn't it nice to know your Knitting passion is also good for you!
Keep creating beauty all around you…
a little yarn will do it!

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