Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Sidewalk Sale Fun 2014 -

 It is NOT too late to join our Sidewalk Sale fun!!!!
The sale continues on Saturday, July 12th. 
Our next Knit night is  Friday, July the18th. 
Come in and be inspired by our customers. 
Your ideas and needlework always spark fun discussions. 
 Paige calls herself a new knitter.  She is finishing this cool summer tank this week.  The mix of stockinette and dropped stitches,  create interest in the top. 
 Susie's brown cabled baby sweater is about finished.  Susie and her knit pals were knitting solo as their Friday teacher, Linda, was out of town.  They refused to skip and came without her!  There was a lot of laughter going on around that table….. Susie was in the midst of that ever important button choosing process.  One lucky little guy will be sporting her masterpiece, soon.   
 There are many magazines, books, and patterns deeply discounted during our Sidewalk sale.  Maxine was thumbing through a book, but told us she has at least 40 projects in the wings already.
Like so many of us, she loves to think about the next project while others are on the needles. 
 Outside on the sidewalk, several knitters were given an impromptu lesson in the knitting of a ruffle scarf .  I heard at least one knitter talking about gift knits for the fall and winter holidays, already. 
Its never to early to cast on for gift knits, or to keep one for yourself.

Back inside, 
 Pauline was showing us her love of neutrals. She knitted this Rowan top to perfection.  Next up: She had her eye on the Tarim top from Berroco's Fuji Book 327.  

Also inside, Jennifer was shopping for yarns for a DOUX scarf. The pattern is on Ravelry and looks to be a simple knit with beautiful texture.  Mary was in the back of the studio, searching for that one last skein Jennifer needed … in green.  

So there you have it.  Just another wonderful day with ladies that inspire and amaze us all around. 

(Remember to mention the blog to be entered in our Lantern Moon Bag Raffle…times' running out) 


  1. What fun, I would love that turquoise Lang yarn, it is gorgeous.

  2. LOVE that baby sweater, just need to find out if my friend is having a boy or a girl...