Monday, July 7, 2014

Painless Knitting

Who who who? 
Who knits for you? 

Today's blog topic is all about keeping your hands and arms healthy for knitting and crochet work.  

The Arthritis Foundation published these tips recently: 

*Warm Up: 
Stretch your hands gently before you pick up your needles. 
I put my hands together as if in prayer, then I scrunch my fingers up and down gently. 

*Bulk up your needles:
I haven't tried this yet.
They suggest wrapping the ends of your needles in rubber bands to make them easier to grip. 

*Try the new needles:
Circular needles can be used for straight knitting and may reduce wrist stress. 
Square needles are said to be easier to grip. 

*Switch your Technique:
Can you knit Continental? 
We can show you how to PICK your stitches instead of wrapping them.  This requires less motion and is easier on the hands.  
I sometimes pick and sometimes wrap to change it up and keep my hands in good shape.

*"Fingerless or compression gloves will support your hands without hindering your finger movement."  The IMAK glove received a recommendation from the Arthitis Foundation. 

*Knit lighter 

If your joints are already sore, 
knitting heavy blankets can be hard to manage. 
The article suggests choosing projects like scarves and hats to give your hands a break. 

protect those precious fingers!
Emergency room visits due to kitchen knife slips are all too common. 
So let someone else cut the watermelon this summer.  

Stay healthy! 
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