Thursday, June 16, 2016

Three Bags Full Knitting Studio Knit Night 6/17

Please call us to reserve your spot for Friday's Knit Night at the Studio.  It is always inspiring and fun to get together in the Studio setting.  
 Linda's creating another masterpiece.  Lifelike creations just jump from her needles!   You can learn the art of "toy" making with Linda in one of her classes. 
 This Beautiful blanket is being knit by a customer who is donating it to Project Linus.  What a kind and lovely thing to do for children in Hospitals. 
 Penny is knitting a summery top. 
This is GLOW by Helen Bingham.
Penny is a great teacher on our staff; she is
always encouraging and a wealth of knit knowledge.
 On of Penny's students is knitting with Shibui Linen in rust, white and black.  Have you tried knitting with Shibui?  We have many ideas for you if you want a light summer project. 
Another of Penny's students was knitting a lovely yellow blanket.  
She has knit this pattern over and over and no longer needs to look at the instructions.  
 You Bet. 

Happy Worldwide Knit in Public Day June 18th.
Hope your Saturday involves some knit time just for you or for the public.  

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