Saturday, May 21, 2016

Light and Lovely

As Spring turns to Summer many will be traveling light.
We have just the bags and totes that will keep your knitting safe and protected whether you are on the beach or in your own yard. 
We have a wonderful selection of colors and sizes.  
Take a look at them the next time you visit us. 

Knitting socks in our hot Chicago summers just makes sense. 
Light yarns and needles help you keep your cool while you craft all summer. 
 Many turn to sock knitting because it is so portable. 
Our sock yarn inventory is full of options. 
Fiber companies have listened to you and created self-striping patterns that make your socks pop. 
Adrienne teaches sock classes if you are ready to conquer the world of socks, booties and stockings. 

 Need a button for that finished summer cardigan?
Our new display lets you look at options easily. 
These beautifully crafted buttons are the perfect finish to your garment.
 Ready to knit something light?
We love Ito and have samples in the Studio to inspire you. 
We look forward to helping you make your summer knit and crochet plans.  
See you soon!

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